UAE-IX charges a monthly recurring charge ("MRC") for its Public Peering service plus one-time installation fees / non recurring charges ("NRC"). There are no additional charges for traffic or the use of the UAE-IX route servers.

ProductSpeed (Gbps)
1GE line rate
1,000 Base-LX
1750 USD
950 USD
10GE line rate
10,000 Base-LR
102,250 USD
3,850 USD
100GE line rate
100,000 Base-LR4 
10010,000 USD15,000 USD

As part of the provisioning process, UAE-IX will provide all customers with demarcation details. All connections to UAE-IX require a single-mode private interconnect (a.k.a. cross connect or in-house cabling). Please talk to your data center operator for details.