Peering in Dubai to improve traffic quality

UAE-IX in Dubai interconnects global networks, network operators and content providers in the GCC region. With access to the UAE-IX platform, you can peer locally with all connected networks via the UAE-IX route servers in Dubai, get private access to cloud providers, and peer remotely with networks connected at DE-CIX Marseille with the GlobePEER Remote service.

In addition, you can fight malicious DDoS attacks with our Blackholing service, free of charge.

Instant access without individual peering arrangements

The UAE-IX route servers give you instant access to about 80% of the connected networks. This saves you a lot of time, and we help you to not only to get started with peering but also assist you with any peering related questions. Information about how to start peering and tips how to optimize your peering can be found in our white papers.

In addition, once a year, we conduct a peering workshop in Dubai.