Simplify your hybrid and multi-cloud strategy

The DE-CIX Cloud ROUTER provides a direct and private high-performance data exchange between cloud environments. By routing traffic directly between public and/or private clouds, you can enjoy improved application performance thanks to reduced latency, as well as increased security and protection against cyber attacks.

Simple and secure cloud to cloud data transfer

Multi or hybrid-cloud strategies are becoming increasingly important for data-driven enterprises that seek to avoid over-reliance on a single cloud provider and choose the best cloud for each workload. Achieving seamless cloud-to-cloud connectivity is essential when adopting a multi-cloud setup.

Instead of backhauling cloud traffic to a data center and then back to another cloud service provider, or relying on unreliable tunnel-based network solutions with limited bandwidth and high egress charges over the "public" internet, the DE-CIX Cloud ROUTER provides a cloud routing service that allows you to route data between clouds on DE-CIX's private carrier-grade platform, whether within a metro region or even within a data center campus.

With bandwidth options ranging from 0.1 to 400 Gbps, you can establish direct, secure routing with low latency between clouds such as AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, as well as with your on-premise data center equipment. Our API and portal provide you with easy deployment and management of your connections.

Benefits of using the DE-CIX Cloud ROUTER

  • Lower the latency and improve the performance of your critical cloud workloads
  • No hardware or data center presence needed for multi-cloud set-ups
  • Reduce costs by using private connectivity with lower egress charges